Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year.

After Friday's miserable 5 miler, I took Saturday to rest the muscles and to do the dreaded task of seeing my relatives. Ok, I am the black sheep of the family. TMI.
Also, Saturday Chad started his 24 hr run, I was scheduled to go out around 8pm to do 6hrs of volunteer service at the race. I went out around 7pm, and did not see Chad. I figured I will call his cell phone, and he was pulling into his driveway. After doing 1 and 1/2 marathons, he had enough. I then started my work and met a lot of nice people that have some inspirational stories. It seems like most of them have ran Badwater and Western states. Either of which is no small feat. I even met David Putney that ran in some obscure race called JFK 50miler. He was able to complete it this year in just 6:46. I think that he just beat Bob (11:29) by a couple of minutes.

Sunday, I was able to go out and rack in a nice 10 mile run, that felt really good. Later that day, we went over to Chad and Julie's casa, to have dinner and exchange presents.

New Years eve. Chad and company came over for New Years Dinner and to play pool. Another great time, and the kids love to play with each others toys. I then went out to the Across the Years race and volunteered from 8pm till 2am. This was awesome. We rang in the new year with champagne or Martinelli, handed out party hats to the runners. Even spent the New Year running around the track with everyone, while fire works went off. Despite not knowing to many people, it was a great way to celebrate the new year. I was even hooked up with one of the long sleeve, The North Face shirts, and a pair of arm warmers. I guess I provided some excellent service to them. OK, I turned out to be in charge of the Aid Station for the evening.

Some of the important things that I have learned from the Aid Station are:
  • Cranberry gets rid of Lactic Acid (pills are must effective because of the concentration). one pill = almost 2 quarts of juice.
  • Warmed up Mountain Dew is more effective at waking someone up than coffee.
  • Honey on a tortilla is a great source of instant energy.
  • Java Hammer Gel was first to be used up, over tropical, banana, apple, chocolate, orange
  • You do not have to be fast to be a runner. I walked with Andy Lovy and Dan Brenden on their 3rd day, and I would guess they were going about 1 step per second. maybe 2 miles per hour. You have to remember this is a time race, not necessarily a distance race
  • Dirty Girls are your best friend, they keep rocks out of your shoes.

Will I register for the Across the Years race next year. Well I would like to think so. How ever if a year ago you told me I was racing in a 1/2 marathon in a year I would ask you who your dealer is? We will see where life takes me this year and will go from there. Right now I am enjoying running and will continue to run and let the wind take me to where ever it wants to go.


Marcy said...

I will have to keep note of this:

Warmed up Mountain Dew is more effective at waking someone up than coffee.

I might just abandon DD's altogether LOL

David said...

Looking forward to next weekend! Hopefully we won't need too many of those hints, though.

Mendy and I get in Friday evening some time. I think it's about 7:35. I think Lori gets in just a little after us. Then we will be tagging along with the lovely J-mom. Can't wait to meet all you AZ'ers!

Jess said...

Wow, I didn't that about cranberries. Good to know. And even if Mountain Dew does wake someone up better, I still don't think I could drink it first thing in the morning. Ick.

J~mom said...

Got to get me some of those dirty girls. Running along the canals I get little pebbles in my shoes. Great list!