Damn run

Well I went out for my lunch time run. Well things started off on a bad note and went down hill from there. It was going to be a 7 mile run like yesterday except I would push myself a little bit on the speed. Well I was playing with my Garmin 305 earlier and when I started running the thing was beeping at me every 10 seconds or so.

Mile 1 = 9:18
Mile 2 = 10:33
Walk for 2 minutes to figure out how to shut this thing up. No more beeping on heart rate zones.
Mile 3 = 11:37 - Max heart rate was good, but the legs did not want to go.
Walk for 1 minute
Mile 4 = 12:04
Mile 5 = 11:43

What went wrong. . . . . Where do I start. . . . . . .

I took off too fast.
My nutrition for the day sucks.
My bladder was full.
No MP3 player
Garmin was programmed to beep too much.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for me and then a 8 miler on Sunday.


Mid week run

Well, trying out the 305 I thought I would take a nice slow run around the town lake, and for the most part I kept my heart rate between 166 and 174. This is a slow pace for me, but it felt good to go slow for a change. The weather was cold (still in short sleeve and shorts) and windy. The only time I felt warm is when some college coed ran past me.
Lap 1 = 11:30
Lap 2 = 11:42
Lap 3 = 11:54
Lap 4 = 12:06
Lap 5 = 12:18
Lap 6 = 12:31
Lap 7 = 12:43


Merry Christmas to all

I hope each of you had a merry Christmas. I know that my kids must have been good this year. They got everything they could want, and the last check of my bank statement I am broke. Well I was a good little boy myself. Santa brought me a Garmin 305, like most of you have. I wanted to try it out today, to I headed around the neighborhood for a little streatch. My laps were:
Mile 1 - 2:45
Mile 2 - 3:16
Mile 3 - 1:56
That was some great times, but it does not stay on my dashboard like my other garmin 60CS does. Now I did go for a run and had the following readings:
Mile 1 - 9:49:76
Mile 2 = 10:40:17
Mile 3 = 10:55:56
Mile 4 = 10:20:79
Total 41:46
Now I just need to figure out all the bells and whistles. I have most of it figured out, since I have been using a garmin for 4 years. Any advice on some of the neat features let me know.
It was cute watching K-Girl open up her presents at 3 yrs old. She first saw a new play kitchen and all she wanted to do was play with it and not open up any other presents. She finally got around to opening up more.
I hope that you were all good boys and girls, and the spirit of Christmas was able to fill your house.


I am now a perfect 10

I have successfully ran 10 miles in one stretch, non stop (except for two traffic lights). I was able to get all 10 miles in 1 hr 50 minutes, or so. I have not seen my watch in several weeks. If someone sees it, please let me know.

Jehovah Witness just knocked on the door, and I told them the same thing I am going to tell all of you. Have a Merry Christmas.


keeping moving forward

Thank you all for your input, you are the best. I will start to use some of the ideas and do some more research. Well I am almost done with Christmas shopping, I am a charter member of the Procrastinator Club. I just need to buy a present for my nephew (9 mo old) and Chad's boys (I am thinking of a pair of BB Guns) maybe not.

I tried something new with running yesterday that seemed to work well for me. I went with my wife to Walmart (5 miles from home) and after we shopped, I ran home. What I learned is that I was running one way home, not an out and back or a loop. With a loop I have found that if I get bored, or something I can cut the run short. Same thing with an out and back. This run I was FORCED nicely to run the entire distance. The only problem was it was during rush hour and the cars were not watching out for me. I guess if I was wearing something that stood out more, I might have gotten more attention. I did have one vehicle honk at me from across the street, but she did not stop.

My time for the 5 miles was about normal. 52 minutes or so.

Planning on another run today.


Feeling better

Saturday, I was still feeling icky, you know that feeling. Well I went for a long run and did another 8 miles, and I could tell that I was sick. It took me 45 seconds longer than last weekend to complete the 8 miles. Talk about slowing down.

The good news is that I am feeling better and will get some more running in today, through Friday and then a long one on Sunday maybe 10 miles.

Now that I am a beginner runner that never took to much time thinking about training, except to go out and run some. When I felt like it, I would stop. Well now I do have some question for all of you, during the week between long slow runs, when I am out running the short/slow runs, how far should I be running? What speed should I be attempting to run? What should the focus be for these runs? Should I be just running 8 miles each day? or should I scale back and if so by how much?


Well, I got it....


Well with a sick daughter and wife, I finally caught what ever they have. I am coughing up a lung and feel sluggish. I am taking my vitamins (all 13 pills[3fish oil, 3CLA, 2Multi Vitamin, 2Niacin, and 3prescriptions]). I was not able to run yesterday and I feel like hell today. I need to run tomorrow and then on Saturday we are going up to Kingman, AZ for a family gathering before my nephew returns to Germany. Sunday I think we will head up to Flagstaff to play in the snow. Kimberly has never seen snow before and she is three years old. We have to drive a couple of hours to find snow around here. It gets SO COLD around here that I had to buy a new fleece pullover last night for my runs. I am still wearing shorts for the runs. I will try to get a run in while out of town this weekend. I only have 31 days till the RNR 1/2 marathon.