Missing in Action on the running trails

Back on the 10th when I was handing out the race numbers for the Summer Series 5K, I came across this lonely race number of someone that did not show up. Rumors are circulating that he has also been absent from the Gym. If you see this individual, please contact the local authorities.

As for me, I was able to do a lot of hill training and HOT weather training. I ended up getting bored during one of the sessions, so I went for a six mile hill workout and the weather man on the radio indicated it was 109 outside. I feels like home. I did my other hill workouts in the early mornings while I was in Lake Las Vegas. Monday, I did a nice 10 mile run and today I did a short five mile run.


I am alive and kicking or RUNNING

Well work took a turn for the work. It is feeling like a real job. Enough of that, Here is what I have been up to over the past too long.
I finished the 2 month fitness challenge and I lost 15lbs and 6% body fat. I am working on getting fit and a lower body fat.

I have also completed all five Summer Series 5K's and I am now officially scheduled for running the Across the Years on December 31st. I will be doing the 24 hours run and looking forward to going as far as I can in that time. Prior to that I will be doing either the Mad Dog 50K or the Javelina Jundred 100 mile run. After the ATY, I will start training for a run from the South rim of the Grand Canyon to the North rim and back to the South rim in one day (total 50 miles).
Right now I am at Lake Las Vegas at the Ritz Carlton for a conference and that will give me some time to catch up on some blogging, reading, and running.