Month in Review

Being the last day of the month, I thought it would be appropriate to recap what I have accomplished and failed at. OK, I might use this time to brag just a little.


  • Ran 90 miles (Updated - YEA 90)

  • Completed two runs greater than or equal to 13.1 miles

  • Started back running trails

  • Loss 10.2 lbs

  • Kicked off Walk Across AZ race

  • Gave up Soda - NONE, Notta, Zilch, No Mo

  • Got invited to run the Ragnar Del Sol 183 mile race (relay)

  • Gave 2 presentations on my weight loss and fitness successes

  • Went to the gym with Chad and had sore muscles 3 days later.

  • Failures:

  • Not keeping my cool with the kids more often.

  • Not lifting weights more often.

  • Not counting calories/documenting what I am eating more often.

  • Well, all in all not too bad of a month. I, like most of us still have some areas of improvements. This next month, I will attempt to exceed 100 miles for the month, another 10 lbs of weight loss (but any number will be a success). Lift more weights, do more crunches, etc. Show more patients with the kids.

    Now if you are one of those indviduals or you know of someone that seems to have the motovational posters in their office and you are looking for the perfect gift for them then how about one with you picture on it? Check out this site. You can even add custom quotes or choose one of their more popular ones. One of my favorate is "Running is a mental sport...and we're all insane!"


    Missoun Accomplished

    I can not think of a better way to put it, than the famous phrase of George W. Bush, "Mission Accomplished" aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. The international phenomena occurred this past evening and in celebration, even the British ship showed its gratitude to me.

    Then to top it off, this story must have rocked through the New Zealand media, because 300 people came out to the Wellington castle to show their support for me.
    Yes, it is true. You probably read all about it in this morning paper. Last night I completed my 80th mile for the month of January, 2008 and with two days to spare. I set the goal for January back at the end of last month, and I was able to find it in me to accomplish it.
    I did have a running buddy with me for the final 4 miles, and that is my American Eskimo dog. She insisted on making 3 or 4 business stops during the 4 mile run, which was acceptable. She pulled me along the first mile then mile two and three we ran parallel to each other. The final mile, she needed some coaching to keep going, like "We are almost home". I will have to take her on more runs, every couple of days. She loves to chase cats, deer, elk, etc. so I need to keep her on a leash. The leash we have is only 4 feet long, which only gives her 1.3 seconds to sniff where another dog was, before getting yanked along. Maybe I need to get her a longer leash, but that may cause her to run on the wrong side of a lamp post or street sign, causing me to have to make a quick detour around it. Lets see if she still wants to go running in a few days before I get her a new leash.
    In other news: Yesterday I had to give my speech on my weight loss and running success that I gave last week, however this time it is for TV. I knew they wanted me to give the presentation again for about 40 individuals, but when I got there they asked if I mind that they film it for TV. Well what do you say? It will be showing on the local cable channel for the entire City of Tempe, AZ. When it does get on their web site, I will put a link for all of you to watch and LAUGH at.
    Walk across AZ update:
    Day 1 - Run 14 miles Walk 1.5 miles
    Day 2 - Run 2 miles Walk 2.5 miles
    Day 3 - Run 4 miles Walked 3 miles


    Great Long Run

    Yesterday in the RAIN, I went out for a nice long run. Not knowing just how long, I decided to drive to the entrance gate to White Tanks Regional Park, From there I ran 4 miles of HILLS to the competitive track (where the Cactus Cha Cha is ran). I then ran for 5 miles on the muddy/wet/HILLY track. There were some crazy people that had gone on the track before me on mountain bikes, so I had some idea of where the deep mud was, and tried to avoid it. After I got through the competitive track, I ran back to the entrance and continued past my truck and ran down the road for another almost half mile and returned to my truck. Overall distance 13.75 miles. The longest that I have ever ran. The best part is that the only reason I stopped is that I had to get home to the family. I had already ran for an hour longer than I told them I would be out there.
    The desert was beautiful and green. The ground had short green wild grass all over, all the plants were also green, which is rare to see. It is still too early to see any desert flowers blooming.
    My intention was to get a hill workout, since there are few hills around my house and with the Ragnar Relay coming up in a month, I wanted to get some hills. This was also my first time running in the rain, and to do it for three hours was fun. I was soaked to the bone, and NO I did not need nipple guards. However the strangest thing happened to me when I was finishing the run about 1/2 mile from completion, I looked down at my legs and from my shorts to my shoes was covered in white foam. I started to rub my legs and it looks like the detergent did not get rinsed out of my clothes well enough, I just thought how long has this been on my legs?


    Good and Bad news....

    Before I get into it, I want to introduce to you the newest member of the family.....

    ASICS GT-2130 Trail

    Finally, yesterday I was able to make it over to road runner sports and get a new pair of shoes. The put me in a stability shoe rather than a motion control, which was my old pair of running shoes (since August).
    I also picked up a couple pairs of socks, you can never have enough of those.

    I was also able to get in a short 4 mile run in during lunch. Seems to be my usual routine when I am at work.

    Mile 1 - 10:46
    Mile 2 - 10:56
    Mile 3 - 11:03
    Mile 4 - 11:35 (through traffic along Mill Ave.)

    Now the good and bad news.

    The bad news is that I will not be running in the Lost Dutchman 1/2 marathon Feb 17th. I do not want to push myself to much because. . . . .

    I have been asked to run on the Chances for Children relay team for the Ragnar Relay Del Sol race. which will take place Feb. 29th and Feb 30th. 181 miles, 12 member team. Cost is zero, the race is to raise $$ for the charity, and so they gave the charity a free entry into the race and I am on the team. How cool is that :)

    I will be running anywhere from 12 to 17 miles depending on which position I am placed in. I will run in 3 segments ranging from 3 to 7 miles each.

    I am recovering today - doing house work and tomorrow is the start of the Walk across AZ, and I will be doing my long slow run which I will be adding hills and trails to the mix (it is suppose to rain and I am a virgin to running in the rain). I am hoping for about 14 or 15 miles.


    Catch up on the week.

    Sorry I have not been posting too much this week. I will try to catch you up on my week.
    Sunday, I joined Chad and went to Lifetime Fitness for an upper body workout. I was able to keep up with him (for the most part), OK, he lifts more weight than I do. I figure I better disclose this, or he will in the reply to this post. I did not go running this past weekend, after Friday's seven miles, my feet were hurting on the top of them go figure.
    Monday, I did run 4 miles:
    mile 1 - 12:06
    mile 2 - 12:08
    mile 3 - 12:21
    mile 4 - 12:04

    Wednesday I ran the first annual my5K run. The race director was fantastic, and the course was well marked, just where I would have put the course. There was cheering sections throughout the race, even a police escort for part of the run, until he turned on a street. I was able to capture the first pace trophy with an amazing time of 30:20. The trophy that I was presented was a dish towel and allowed into the kitchen to do dishes :( I was hoping they would have been done while I was out.
    5K race pace
    mile 1 - 9:10
    mile 2 - 9:46
    mile 3 - 10:18
    mile .11 - 1:06

    Today, I was asked to give a presentation at the city's welness meeting on my weight loss and exercise routine. The problem is that it was during my lunchtime run. So, since the presentation was 3 miles away at the library, I ran there and gave the presentation and ran back to the office.
    Six miles:
    mile 1 - 10:30
    mile 2 - 10:58
    mile 3 - 10:40
    Hour and 1/2 meeting
    mile 4 - 10:25
    mile 5 - 10:28
    mile 6 - 10:50

    This afternoon, I am going to Road Runner Sports to get a couple new pairs of shoes. Mine have had its better days.


    Spirit of the Marathon

    Spirit of the Marathon

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    Here are some of the RNR half Marathon Pictures :)


    Friday 7 mile

    Well, I managed to squeeze out seven miles today, between rebuilding computer servers.

    Mile 1 - 9:41
    Mile 2 - 9:56
    Mile 3 - 10:40
    Mile 4- 11:18
    Mile 5 - 11:42
    Mile 6 - 12:02
    Mile 7 - 11:48

    I started out with the thought that I would keep the pace under 10 minute mile. After 2 I was pooped, so I slowed down to a nice and easy pace. However I already had my heart rate in zone 5 and it did not want to leave that zone the entire time. Better luck on Sunday for a nice long slow run.

    Word for the day:
    ELECTAL-DYSFUNCTION: What you have when you do not get excited about any of the presidential candidates that either side has presented.


    Rest Day

    Yesturday, I was able to get in a four mile run while pushing a:

    The first mile and a half went well, I was only averaging about an 11:45 minute pace, still recovering from the weekend. However by the time I was at the 1 1/2 mile mark it felt like I was pushing:

    This seemed to get my heart rate up, but the speed kept about the same. Then I got around the 3 mile mark and it started to feel like I was:

    Well, I was able to finish the run, it did add a new perspective to the thought of adding one of these to my usual running routine, like Tire Boy. . . . ;)

    My brother-in-law drives one of these for a living, and I am trying to get an old tire for Bob so he can train while pulling a real tire. I wonder if UPS or FedEx would deliver it to Florida?


    Recovery Over

    Time to focus on the next half marathon only 4 and 1/2 weeks away. Went for a nice slow easy run today to make sure everything is still functioning as it should.
    Mile 1 - 11:42
    Mile 2 - 11:54
    Mile 3 - 11:54
    Mile 4 - 11:28
    Mile 5 - 11:28
    Mile .38 - 4.18

    Basing what I did at the RNR (2:15) and the terrain, I think that I am going to try for 2:20 for the next one, due to the elevation changes during the course.


    Rock N Roll Arizona 1/2 MARATHON report

    Well, I finally did it. I completed the half marathon in 2 hours 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Back in September when I signed up for the marathon, I took a shot and put down on the registration for my completion time of 2:15, not too bad for guessing 4 months out. It was a little disappointing that Chad could non run the race with me due to his injury he got at the Across the years where he completed about 39 miles. Can I hold that against him? Hmmm. Also, Momo offered to pace me and we were unable to find each other at the start, so I was on my own with my Garmin. Which was probably a good thing, now that I look back on it. One year ago, I would have asked who your dealer was if you told me that I was going to run a half marathon in January 2008. I had set a goal and I (by myself) had to slay the dragon, and run the race to the best of my ability without any assistance.
    Last year when I was over 40lbs heavier and could not walk up the stairs in the house without being out of breath, I started walking to the corner, and now I RAN 13.1 miles. I am so PSYCHED, that I did it.

    I got dropped off about 40 minutes before the race and I went and checked in my jacket and sweat pants with UPS at the gear bag check. I finished drinking my Gatorade and found the corral that I was assigned. I stretched and even did some warm up jogs. I even checked out some graffiti on the back of some dumpster ;) The portapotty looks longer than the race line. Took my Hammer gel and settled near the front of the corral near the left side so I could look for momo. About 1 minute before we took off past the start, I called Lori and let her know that we were taking off. As I went over the mat, I hit start on the Garmin and we were off. For the first mile, I ran at a comfortable pace that was not killing me, but was faster than my goal. I considered slowing down, but I know from my training I get slower as the distance gets greater. I told myself that I would not push myself, just zone out everything and feel my body and listen it it for a starting pace. Before I knew it I was passing the 5K mark with a time of 30:45. That is a PR for me for a 5K run, I am feeling really proud of myself at this point. We then turned a corner in the residential area and there is a speed hump (not a bump, but a hump that is a softer grade than a bump) Who added this hill to the course? We got back on McDowell Road and headed for the long stretch East, I knew that about 2 miles up was my wife waiting to cheer me on. I finally saw her waving to me in the distance. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug and kiss and took my next Gatorade, and off I went. This was about mile 5.5 or so. It was a great pick-me-up to see someone in the crowd actually cheering You on and to see the excitement in her eyes, really kept me going. We then get further down the road and hit the 10K marker and my official time was 1:00:53. I have never ran an 10K before. I have run 5 milers and even 7 miler race. But looking at the garmin, my second 5K was faster then the first. That excitement kept me going for a couple more miles. I then came to the famous mile 9 thru 13 which has a gentle grade of a hill, but I was about drained of my energy, the most I have ever ran before was 10 miles, so I did not have much left in the tank. I sucked down my other hammer gel and gave it what I got. I did elect to walk about 100 yards after each of the following water stations, giving me an opportunity to catch my breath and get some more fluid in my system. At about mile 11 we are at the highest part of the course, the rest is down hill. I know I can do it from here, of course the lady on that stretcher getting loaded into the ambulance also thought that. I hope she is doing well now. Enough of this, I am entering the area of town that I train on two to three times a week. I start going over the Mill Ave. Bridge and the 2:15 minute pacer person passes me. He started about 15 seconds behind me at the start, if I can just keep up with him for the last mile I would meet my goal. About a half mile ahead I should see Lori cheering me on. I finally see her and as I give her a high five she tells me go give it my all and I can get the 2:15. So I did and for the last .3 mile I was passing people like they were standing still. I saw the two photographers above on the bridge, and I made sure that no one was in front of me, put my hands up and ran like a wild animal. The finish line is about 100 yards away, I kept the pace and as I crossed the mat I stopped garmin that gave me a 2:15:28 finish time. I made my time. Made my way over to get my metal, get rid of the timing chip, got my picture taken, and headed over to get my metal engraved. I met Lori at the engraving table and the results did not post by this time, so I went with the time on the garmin. Close enough. We got my gear, called Java~mom and told her to keep up the good work. Called Pat and left a message for him to keep going. We walked back to the truck and went to the Bamboo Club for lunch. What a relief to get off my feet. What a high that I am coming off of.
    Congrats to everyone that raced this weekend, Stephanie (Catalina 50m), Wes, the entire gang here in AZ, and Tig in Texas (Houston Marathon). As for everyone that I met in AZ this weekend, it was truly a great pleasure to meet all of you. I hope that we can make this an annual event for all the Bloggers out there, even you Non Running Nancy, we do want you to run with us next year.


    Last day of Nearly Total Useless Information, but FUN.

    Well, not to get political on all of you, and not to push my political opinions on you, I will try to share some fun with you.

    Being from the wonderful state of Arizona, we have a relatively unknown individual from our state running for the Presidential Office. He is our SENIOR member of congress (70 yrs old). Well, to get to it, I was on the way home listening to the radio, and they played a parity about Senator John McCain that I thought you might enjoy.

    For your listening pleasure... McCainiac! Play Now!

    As they come up with other parodies about other candidates (From both parties) I will pass them along to you also.

    Until I figure out which candidate will do the least damage to our wonderful country, I will be an equal opportunity offender.

    I do not know about you, but when I heard this for the first time, it gave me the creeps thinking about some 70 year old guy wearing knitted leg warmers and a sweaty t-shirt dancing around a room. I think I would rather have imaged Jennifer Beals, relating to that song.

    Got out and had to streatch my legs for a couple of miles:
    Mile 1 - 8:49
    Walk - 1 minute
    Mile 2 - 8:59
    Walk - 1 minute
    .26 miles - 2:39

    No, I will not maintain that pace for the half marathon YET.


    This is better than any Pollish joke I have ever heard

    Wed Jan 9, 2008

    WARSAW (Reuters) - A Polish man got the shock of his life when he visited a brothel and spotted his wife among the establishment's employees. Polish tabloid Super Express said the woman had been making some extra money on the side while telling her husband she worked at a store in a nearby town.

    "I was dumfounded. I thought I was dreaming," the husband told the newspaper Wednesday.
    The couple, married for 14 years, are now divorcing, the newspaper reported.

    (Writing by Chris Borowski, Editing by Matthew Jones)


    Meanest Mom in the World lives in Iowa (No its not Nancy)

    Straight from the Fox news website:

    'Meanest Mom on Planet' Sells Teen Son's Car After Finding Booze Under Seat
    Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Jane Hambleton has dubbed herself the "meanest mom on the planet."
    After finding alcohol in her son's car, she decided to sell the car and share her 19-year-old's misdeed with everyone — by placing an ad in the local newspaper.
    The ad reads: "OLDS 1999 Intrigue. Totally uncool parents who obviously don't love teenage son, selling his car. Only driven for three weeks before snoopy mom who needs to get a life found booze under front seat. $3,700/offer. Call meanest mom on the planet."
    Hambleton has heard from people besides interested buyers since recently placing the ad in The Des Moines Register.
    The 48-year-old from Fort Dodge says she has fielded more than 70 telephone calls from emergency room technicians, nurses, school counselors and even a Georgia man who wanted to congratulate her.
    "The ad cost a fortune, but you know what? I'm telling people what happened here," Hambleton says. "I'm not just gonna put the car for resale when there's nothing wrong with it, except the driver made a dumb decision.
    "It's overwhelming the number of calls I've gotten from people saying 'Thank you, it's nice to see a responsible parent.' So far there are no calls from anyone saying, 'You're really strict. You're real overboard, lady."'
    The only critic is her son, who Hambleton says is "very, very unhappy" with the ad and claims the alcohol was left by a passenger.
    Hambleton believes her son but has decided mercy isn't the best policy in this case. She says she set two rules when she bought the car at Thanksgiving: No booze, and always keep it locked.
    The car has been sold, but Hambleton says she will continue the ad for another week — just for the feedback.


    Taper Completed - Bring it on.

    Well, I thought I would share some thoughts with you, in a humorus manner.

    This one is for Marcy (Bring the training shoes).

    And for the teachers and parents out there that just ended a break, here is a noble idea...

    A 10-year-old boy thought he had discovered a novel way of getting off school — glueing his hand to the bed. Diego Palacios had so much fun over the Christmas holiday he was in no rush to get back to lessons. He had to be freed by emergency services in Monterrey, northern Mexico, after his master plan went wrong.
    His mother, Sandra, spent nearly two hours trying to free his right hand with water, oil and nail polish remover, but to no avail. "I didn't want to go to school because vacation was so much fun," the youngster explained. He told how he sneaked into the kitchen in the early hours and then covered his hand with industrial-strength adhesive.
    His mother woke up to find him watching TV with his hand stuck to the bed.
    "I don't know why he did it," she said. "He's a good boy but mischievous — like all kids."
    His hand was freed by paramedics — just in time for school. (foxnews.com)

    Well, I got in a 3.37 mile streatch in this afternoon.
    mile 1 - 10:40
    mile 2 - 10:41
    Mile 3 - 11:40
    .37 - 4:13

    I will get one more streatch in on Friday before the RNR.

    Best of luck to everyone, and travel safely.

    I am bib number 32128 Corral 12 for the 1/2 marathon.


    Tapering for RNR

    Well I have tapered so much that I am wishing I did not taper so much. I have been hating my back this past week, and I have not ran since Monday when I through out my back. I did get 4 miles in today that felt good.
    I did go out to my wife's classroom and helped her get it ready for tomorrow, she has been away from it for three weeks. They did test for mold over the weekend, hope it comes out good, but the room smells nasty after being locked up for a couple of weeks.

    4 miles - average pace 10:29 seconds

    It is back to work in the morning and more running.


    Interesting news

    First off no run for me, I pulled something in my back. I was home Monday afternoon when some juvinile deliquents rang my door bell and pounded on the door. To their surprise, I opened the door within seconds and they were heading down the street. In my retired running shoes, and sweats, I took off sprinting after them for about 400 or so yards. I did not know I could run that fast, I wish I had my garmin on at the time. I finally was able to confront them as they jumped over the fence. One of the kids peed his pants :) I told them to stay the $#%&$ off my property, and if I catch them on it again, I will personally restrain them till the police come to haul them off to jail. As I walked back home, I had several neighbors cheer me on and loved the fact that I scared them half to death. I am now sucking down motrin like it is candy. How much can one person consume in a day?

    I came across this article on Foxnews.com

    Man 'Made' Infertile By Lightning Strike Becomes Dad

    A British man who was told he was infertile after being hit by lightning in August 2003 has shocked doctors by becoming a father, the Daily Mail reports.
    Doctors thought Campbell Gillespie, 43, would die after he was struck by lightning during jog in a park near his home in Merseyside, U.K.
    The strike broke Gillespie's jaw in four places, smashed his teeth, broke his eye-sockets and caused four blood clots on his brain. He spent a week in a coma.
    Following his recovery, doctors told Gillespie internal injuries caused him to become sterile.

    However, he made a full recovery, running a 10k race the year after his lightning strike.
    Last year, he beat the odds again when his fiancee Hazel Topping, 40, became pregnant and gave birth on New Year's Eve to baby Brogan, who weighed 8-pounds, 8-ounces.


    Happy New Year

    I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year.

    After Friday's miserable 5 miler, I took Saturday to rest the muscles and to do the dreaded task of seeing my relatives. Ok, I am the black sheep of the family. TMI.
    Also, Saturday Chad started his 24 hr run, I was scheduled to go out around 8pm to do 6hrs of volunteer service at the race. I went out around 7pm, and did not see Chad. I figured I will call his cell phone, and he was pulling into his driveway. After doing 1 and 1/2 marathons, he had enough. I then started my work and met a lot of nice people that have some inspirational stories. It seems like most of them have ran Badwater and Western states. Either of which is no small feat. I even met David Putney that ran in some obscure race called JFK 50miler. He was able to complete it this year in just 6:46. I think that he just beat Bob (11:29) by a couple of minutes.

    Sunday, I was able to go out and rack in a nice 10 mile run, that felt really good. Later that day, we went over to Chad and Julie's casa, to have dinner and exchange presents.

    New Years eve. Chad and company came over for New Years Dinner and to play pool. Another great time, and the kids love to play with each others toys. I then went out to the Across the Years race and volunteered from 8pm till 2am. This was awesome. We rang in the new year with champagne or Martinelli, handed out party hats to the runners. Even spent the New Year running around the track with everyone, while fire works went off. Despite not knowing to many people, it was a great way to celebrate the new year. I was even hooked up with one of the long sleeve, The North Face shirts, and a pair of arm warmers. I guess I provided some excellent service to them. OK, I turned out to be in charge of the Aid Station for the evening.

    Some of the important things that I have learned from the Aid Station are:
    • Cranberry gets rid of Lactic Acid (pills are must effective because of the concentration). one pill = almost 2 quarts of juice.
    • Warmed up Mountain Dew is more effective at waking someone up than coffee.
    • Honey on a tortilla is a great source of instant energy.
    • Java Hammer Gel was first to be used up, over tropical, banana, apple, chocolate, orange
    • You do not have to be fast to be a runner. I walked with Andy Lovy and Dan Brenden on their 3rd day, and I would guess they were going about 1 step per second. maybe 2 miles per hour. You have to remember this is a time race, not necessarily a distance race
    • Dirty Girls are your best friend, they keep rocks out of your shoes.

    Will I register for the Across the Years race next year. Well I would like to think so. How ever if a year ago you told me I was racing in a 1/2 marathon in a year I would ask you who your dealer is? We will see where life takes me this year and will go from there. Right now I am enjoying running and will continue to run and let the wind take me to where ever it wants to go.