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First off no run for me, I pulled something in my back. I was home Monday afternoon when some juvinile deliquents rang my door bell and pounded on the door. To their surprise, I opened the door within seconds and they were heading down the street. In my retired running shoes, and sweats, I took off sprinting after them for about 400 or so yards. I did not know I could run that fast, I wish I had my garmin on at the time. I finally was able to confront them as they jumped over the fence. One of the kids peed his pants :) I told them to stay the $#%&$ off my property, and if I catch them on it again, I will personally restrain them till the police come to haul them off to jail. As I walked back home, I had several neighbors cheer me on and loved the fact that I scared them half to death. I am now sucking down motrin like it is candy. How much can one person consume in a day?

I came across this article on Foxnews.com

Man 'Made' Infertile By Lightning Strike Becomes Dad

A British man who was told he was infertile after being hit by lightning in August 2003 has shocked doctors by becoming a father, the Daily Mail reports.
Doctors thought Campbell Gillespie, 43, would die after he was struck by lightning during jog in a park near his home in Merseyside, U.K.
The strike broke Gillespie's jaw in four places, smashed his teeth, broke his eye-sockets and caused four blood clots on his brain. He spent a week in a coma.
Following his recovery, doctors told Gillespie internal injuries caused him to become sterile.

However, he made a full recovery, running a 10k race the year after his lightning strike.
Last year, he beat the odds again when his fiancee Hazel Topping, 40, became pregnant and gave birth on New Year's Eve to baby Brogan, who weighed 8-pounds, 8-ounces.


Jess said...

That's funny that you ran those kids down. I once had a friend in college who, while running, got yelled at by a passing car. My friend was fast and he caught up to them at the next light and tore 'em a new one and the driver was purty scared. Sometimes runners get their revenge!

J~mom said...

I won't send my kids to do that anymore. You really scared them.

Tiggs said...

LOL @ j~mom!!!

Taryn said...

Wowww - I am so glad I read this post! I am soooooo *not* going to mess with you next weekend! ;)

Marcy said...


HAHAHAHAA Dude, you need to come over here!! That freekin rocks!

Pat said...

I'll trade you my neighborhood hooligans for yours and throw in a couple dozen eggs. Well, my hooligans will do the throwing.

Of course you know your now the favorite target, don't you?

Mary Gee said...

Actually, one shouldn't consume more than 2400 mgs. of ibuprofen in 24 hours. OK?