Damn run

Well I went out for my lunch time run. Well things started off on a bad note and went down hill from there. It was going to be a 7 mile run like yesterday except I would push myself a little bit on the speed. Well I was playing with my Garmin 305 earlier and when I started running the thing was beeping at me every 10 seconds or so.

Mile 1 = 9:18
Mile 2 = 10:33
Walk for 2 minutes to figure out how to shut this thing up. No more beeping on heart rate zones.
Mile 3 = 11:37 - Max heart rate was good, but the legs did not want to go.
Walk for 1 minute
Mile 4 = 12:04
Mile 5 = 11:43

What went wrong. . . . . Where do I start. . . . . . .

I took off too fast.
My nutrition for the day sucks.
My bladder was full.
No MP3 player
Garmin was programmed to beep too much.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for me and then a 8 miler on Sunday.


J~mom said...

Sorry it didn't feel good. That happens sometimes but it usually means the next one will be better!

teacherwoman said...

I hate those kinds of runs... we all get them. It's like a bad hair day!

You're 8 miler should be better, huh?

jay_say said...

Reminder... you can check Chad's progress through the race... as well as send him a message. He's doing well so far!

Jess said...

Yeah, I know those runs. And personally, I can not run effectively when I have to pee.

Marcy said...

I'm with Jess, full bladder always does me in.

Typical male you are, did you read the directions on the 305? :P (I'm KIDDING!!)

Mary Gee said...

I just had a run like that!

Pat said...

yeah, those beeps get old fast. Mine only beeps at each mile.

David said...

Full bladders and anxious colon always make for a rough run.

Have a Happy New Year, and take care!

Pokey said...

Ugh, we've all had non-feel-good runs.....sorry you had to endure one!!

I'm with Pat ~ Garmie only beeps every mile for me too.

I do have so say, though...if you keep running paces like that, you just might get Pokey to join you for a run! :P