Tapering for RNR

Well I have tapered so much that I am wishing I did not taper so much. I have been hating my back this past week, and I have not ran since Monday when I through out my back. I did get 4 miles in today that felt good.
I did go out to my wife's classroom and helped her get it ready for tomorrow, she has been away from it for three weeks. They did test for mold over the weekend, hope it comes out good, but the room smells nasty after being locked up for a couple of weeks.

4 miles - average pace 10:29 seconds

It is back to work in the morning and more running.


Jess said...

I recommend Vicodin for the back. Of coure, I recommend Vicodin for just about any ailment. It cures them all.

J~mom said...

We are almost there! You are going to do great!

Marcy said...

LMAO at Jess!! With alcohol of course :P