What is happening in my life

Here is where I am and where I am heading. With a little luck, prayers, and lots of mileage and little calories, etc. I should make it. I was only able to complete 12 of the 24 miles on Friday night, I was having some stomach issues, but I made the best of a bad situation. Saturday, I went out at night for a nice 5 mile run along the canal near my house (my new running trail). Sunday, I went to Lifetime Fitness and swam with Kimberly and then I hit the weights and machines. Yesterday I was able to get to the gym again and did a 30 minute warm up and then worked out with the family on our upper body. Tonight is another 5 mile canal run. I have also been watching what I am eating more closely and making sure that I am burning more than I put into the system each day.
I did register for the Cactus Cha Cha 7 mile trail run on Oct 11th. I ran the race last year in 1:18, and I expect to do about the same time this year. I am not out there to break any records, just to be healthy and happy. I do leave the next day for a 7 day Mexico cruise, so I do not want to be too sore.


Chad said...

Gentlemen, start your engines! We'll see who gets to 170 first. Since there is seafood on the line, I am very motivated.

You are doing awesome with your training. I'm expecting big things out of you at ATY in December. If I'm going to have to stand out there in the cold all #$%& night, you better do well. ;-)

I'm registered for Cactus as well. You just might beat me this year considering where you are and where I am. We will have to see.

Pat said...

170 sounds good to me, but you have a head start. I just want to get under 200.

Good luck at Cha Cha.