Moving in the right direction

Here is the results from yesterday:
Run: 5 miles along the canal

Organic Grain Shop Cereal 1/2 cup w/ skim milk: 200 cal
Grapes: 100 cal
Apple: 60 cal
Albacore Tuna: 90 cal
Yogurt: 100 cal
Apple: 60 cal
Celery: 35 cal
Cheese Stick: 100 cal
Turkey Burger w/ cheese: 185 cal
Corn: 150 cal
Baskin Robins Strawberry Ice cream cone: 265 cal (220 for ice cream and 45 for the cone)



Total: 1345 calories

Final Result (This morning), 190.2 lbs.

Total RMR (2129) - 1345 = 784 deficit
Total Calories burned exercising = 952
Total Calories used = 1736


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nicely done! That amount of cal. deficit seems about right. You don't want it too big or else your body will go into conservation mode and try and hold onto everything.

Pokey said...

Careful on the calories....my trainer gave me a 1400 calorie limit for my weight loss at absolute lowest. Just make sure you are eating enough! ESPECIALLY if you are expending other calories through exercise.

I love the competition!!!

Gotta Run said...

How great... so you are the FISH GUY... or at least the one that smells victory. (I say the same to Chad)

Good luck.... to you BOTH.

Marcy said...

You eat the tuna with no mayo? (I know you're competing with Chad) but not even "light"?!? Dang, there's not that many cals in light mayo LOL

Anonymous said...

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