And The Race is ON.

Well, on the last post, I intentionally left out the part of the competition that Chad and I have. We have a bet of who ever gets to 170 lbs first, gets treated by the other person to a dinner at:

I guess the best way to look at it is, we are both going to get sea food. Well, I am going to be using this blog to track my progress on both the input and exercise aspect of the weight loss.

Here is the results from yesterday:
Run: 5 miles along the canal

Organic Grain Shop Cereal 1/2 cup w/ skim milk: 200 cal
Cheese Stick: 90 cal
Cheese Stick: 90 cal
Carrots: 50 cal
Albacore Tuna: 90 cal
Yogurt: 100 cal
Apple: 60 cal
Hershey's miniature chocolate: 125 cal
Grapes: 50 cal
Pork roast: 220 cal
Corn: 150 cal
Total: 1225 calories

Final Result (This morning), 191.2 lbs.

According to my RMR Assessment my base caloric burn a day is 2129 and not to fall below 1200 calories a day intake. So in theory I saved 1000 calories from my diet and burned 700 calories running.
Total deficit is around 1700 or .5 lbs of fat.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Did I mention how much I love shrimp? ;-)

In the end, we are both going to win from this race.

Marcy said...

Wow! I didn't know I even owned a Fish House! Sweet! :P

Pat said...

your diet and mine are very different.

J~Mom said...

Sometimes I think the water and the portions are the two keys!!

Anonymous said...

Writing it out loud is the best way to stay focused. Thanks for sharing.