Merry Christmas to all

I hope each of you had a merry Christmas. I know that my kids must have been good this year. They got everything they could want, and the last check of my bank statement I am broke. Well I was a good little boy myself. Santa brought me a Garmin 305, like most of you have. I wanted to try it out today, to I headed around the neighborhood for a little streatch. My laps were:
Mile 1 - 2:45
Mile 2 - 3:16
Mile 3 - 1:56
That was some great times, but it does not stay on my dashboard like my other garmin 60CS does. Now I did go for a run and had the following readings:
Mile 1 - 9:49:76
Mile 2 = 10:40:17
Mile 3 = 10:55:56
Mile 4 = 10:20:79
Total 41:46
Now I just need to figure out all the bells and whistles. I have most of it figured out, since I have been using a garmin for 4 years. Any advice on some of the neat features let me know.
It was cute watching K-Girl open up her presents at 3 yrs old. She first saw a new play kitchen and all she wanted to do was play with it and not open up any other presents. She finally got around to opening up more.
I hope that you were all good boys and girls, and the spirit of Christmas was able to fill your house.


jay_say said...

How did K-girl like the twin babies? Boys loved their toys yet were disappointed at the same time. So we had a long talk about that yesterday. I kept reminding them about the spirit of giving. We have to get together real soon!

J~mom said...

Merry Christmas! A 305.....sweet!!! I know the broke feeling quite well! Disney + Christmas= serious damage. ;>)

Marcy said...

LOL, this is the 2nd blog I've visited that Santa has dropped off a 305 too. SWEET!!!

Pat said...

I think garmin is the official sponsor of Santa's sleigh. He must get a sweet deal on all those 305's.

I changed the screen so the HR is displayed bigger and I can read the numbers easier. You can have from 1 to 4 showing.

I'll keep you informed of my Grand Canyon training and if you want to join me on any of it, you are more than welcome. I invision doing camelback and some of the local mountains around here.

Glad you guys had a very merry christmas.

Jess said...

I have a 205, so I don't know much about the 305, sorry.

AnthonyP said...

Santa seems to have had an entire sleigh full of 305s.

I've had the 305 since it came out (and the 205, and the 201, and so on and so forth).

The best way to figure out all the bells and whistles is to play around with it for a while. Also make sure you install the Garmin WebUpdater software on your computer, and periodically check for updates. Every now and then there is an update that improves satellite reception.

Tiggs said...

hello there- I found the old blog first but it brought me here, so hello!! I'm a marathoning Tigger myself :)

Michelle said...

I got my 305 last February, and now I can't imagine life without it. LOL!

Hope yours is treating you well!!