keeping moving forward

Thank you all for your input, you are the best. I will start to use some of the ideas and do some more research. Well I am almost done with Christmas shopping, I am a charter member of the Procrastinator Club. I just need to buy a present for my nephew (9 mo old) and Chad's boys (I am thinking of a pair of BB Guns) maybe not.

I tried something new with running yesterday that seemed to work well for me. I went with my wife to Walmart (5 miles from home) and after we shopped, I ran home. What I learned is that I was running one way home, not an out and back or a loop. With a loop I have found that if I get bored, or something I can cut the run short. Same thing with an out and back. This run I was FORCED nicely to run the entire distance. The only problem was it was during rush hour and the cars were not watching out for me. I guess if I was wearing something that stood out more, I might have gotten more attention. I did have one vehicle honk at me from across the street, but she did not stop.

My time for the 5 miles was about normal. 52 minutes or so.

Planning on another run today.


Pokey said...

OMG Eric...I think that picture made me snort!!! :P

Being a local, I for one am glad you opted for alternate clothing :)

I am totally with you on the out & back loop thing....they really dont work well for me mentally. I do much better if I am running *to* something......or away from something, LOL! :)

Jess said...

The running one way is kinda nice. Sometimes I run to a friend's house and have my husband come pick me up, or sometimes, we go to the dog park and I run home from there. It feels more purposeful to have a destination like that.

Good luck with your last minute shopping! I sent my husband to the grocery store today; I hope he makes it back alive -- I don't go near any place of commerce this close to Christmas!

Mary Gee said...

You definitely would have gotten more attention with a suit like that (maybe even by the police!)

J~mom said...

I do not like loops either. There is something mental about completing them. Great job on running home!