Mid week run

Well, trying out the 305 I thought I would take a nice slow run around the town lake, and for the most part I kept my heart rate between 166 and 174. This is a slow pace for me, but it felt good to go slow for a change. The weather was cold (still in short sleeve and shorts) and windy. The only time I felt warm is when some college coed ran past me.
Lap 1 = 11:30
Lap 2 = 11:42
Lap 3 = 11:54
Lap 4 = 12:06
Lap 5 = 12:18
Lap 6 = 12:31
Lap 7 = 12:43


Tiggs said...

Hey hey! I work for the federal government...no computers for me though- I'm an investigator :)

I also have a 305 and I LOVE it. I have to admit I've used it mostly for pace/time but need to use it more to heart rate train.

I see your first marathon on the schedule is San Diego. That was my first in 2005. There should be some archived posts about it :)

TJ said...

Those 305s look like a cool toy to have. I may have to give them a look.

Jess said...

Slow is good for the long stuff! I would like the heart rate monitor on the 305, but then I'd probably be distracted by it, so it's probably best the 205 lacks that feature.

Jess said...

Thanks for the correction on the 9 in Feb -- I guess I didn't read too closely! I'll edit my post.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO HAHAHAHHAAA Love that last little detail at the end. Great run!

Becky said...
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Bob Gentile said...

The only time I felt warm is when some college coed ran past me.

I am going to look into a 305 in 2008'

Good Job!

Happy New Year!!

Wes said...

LOL! What's up with the college coed? Was she giving off heat :-)

I REALLY need to get back into heart rate training. Have you deteremined your zones yet? I really like the ones that use resting heart rate. Mine dropped from 59 to 51 the first year I started running (last year). That's a very cool positive result.

Have fun with it! Those workouts with the virtual training partner are fun!!!

J~mom said...

You sicko. LOL just kidding! Nice job on your run!