Moving down the scale again

This morning, I weighed in at 188.0 and only 10 days to go till I go on vacation. I would like to be at 180 by next Sunday morning, but we will see what the big man wants for me.

Last night, I was able to kick some dirt and scored 5 miles in 50 minutes. For those of you in congress or our banking industry and can not do any math, that would be a 10 minute mile pace per mile. I ramped up the pace to see how the calories would pay out. I ended up burning 755 calories :)

Here is what I did yesterday:
Run: 5 miles

Food Intake:
Honey Bunches of Oates: 120 Calories
Milk: 60 calories
Cliff Bar: 240 calories
Oatmeal to go: 220 calories
Tomatoes: 25 calories
Celery: 35 calories
Apples X 2: 70 calories
Almonds: 150 calories
Cheese (laughing cow) X 2: 70 calories
Banana: 90 calories
Carrots: 50 calories
Hershey's miniature chocolate: 125 cal

South Beach Turkey Dinner: 240 Calories
Water: LOTS AND LOTS================================

Total: 1490 calories

Final Result (This morning), 188 lbs. 5 down and 18 to go.
Total Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) (2129) - 1490(Consumed) = 639 deficit

Total Calories burned exercising = 755
Total FAT Calories used = 1394


Pokey said...

Me thinks the recent candy corn picture was directed at me?? Hmmm....

Ok, I'll take it ;)

And yes, I already knew how many calories are in those orange little devils....SIGH.

You are doing great......keep it up!!!!!!!

Pat said...

pound by pound you're doing it. keep up the great work.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

10 minute miles? Awesome job! Doing a little speed work before the race, huh? Keep up the good work.

Jeff said...

I'm thinking our fine Congresspeople might have a some other stuff to do other than keeping up with their blog reading. Not that it isn't interesting reading. I'm just saying. . .

Marcy said...

"For those of you in congress or our banking industry and can not do any math"

ROFLMAO!! True dat!