Another slide in the right direction.

New Book for the Vacation in 9 days:

This morning, I weighed in at 186.8 (187) and only 9 days to go till I go on vacation.
I lost 10LBS in the last 18 days.

Last night, I got with the running group and knocked out 7.63 miles in 81minutes. I ended up burning 1341 calories :)

Here is what I did yesterday:
7.63 miles

Food Intake:
Honey Bunches of Oates: 130 Calories
Milk: 60 calories
Cliff Bar: 240 calories
Salad w/ South Beach Italian Dressing: 100 calories
Carrots: 25 calories
Celery: 35 calories
Sugar Free Jello w/fruit: 50 calories
Almonds: 50 calories
Redvines: 420 calories
Beef Tip Meat: 200 calories
Steamed Veggies: 70 calories
Total: 1380 calories

Final Result (This morning), 187 lbs. 17 to go
Total Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) (2129) - 1380(Consumed) = 749 deficit
Total Calories burned exercising = 1341
Total FAT Calories used = 2090


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job with the run. Are the new shoes working out better than the others?

See you in the morning.

J~Mom said...

Nice job!!! You are working hard and the pounds are melting off!!

Blog My Runs.com said...

I lost 10LBS in the last 18 days.


Congrats on the weight loss, awesome job!!!

ya 90 mins is my long runs, I am thinking to knock that down to 45 mins --lol

nooooo I still get in 4-5 hour runs but that is about it... any longer on FLAT FL roads I may pass out from boredom :-)

Keep burning those calories and don't put the chitt back on during your V-cat!!

Mary Gee said...

You are an inspiration!

I don't still have your number ... but I am seriously considering PF Changs. I could use some hotel advice.

K said...

Amazing work you are doing! I hope you have a great vacation!!

Mendy said...

Congrats on the weight loss. You're doing so well!

Marcy said...

Looking good in the hood ;-)

Anonymous said...

What discipline! Congratulations.

Gotta Run said...

You must have Chad shaking in his shoes with the awesome results you are having. :)

You both are doing great!