Just keep swimming

Last night, we went to the gym for a swim. we did 700 yards. Lori wants me to start swimming, to help build my cardio and as a preventive measure for injury. I need a goal for most activities that I get involved in, so I found a training plan that is 0 to 1760 yards in 8 weeks. It has me swimming 3 days a week, starting with 700 yards 4@100, 4@50, and then 4@25 with no more than 15 seconds rest between each set. For the most part, I did well, and then hit the spa. We started packing for the cruise, and I think I packed more workout clothes than any other clothes. I even packed The Stick and the Trigger Point roller and ball. Tonight Lori and I are getting together with Chad for a run, should be a great evening with the weather, etc.

My friend Michelle has given me an "I Heart Your Blog" award!

Thanks a lot, Michelle!!!

This comes with another responsibility: to post another six random facts about myself and "tag" another six bloggers with some blogging love.

Here goes nothing:
1) I have OCD, Once I get something going, I do not let it go.
2) I LOVE politics, you know there is the right way and the wrong way to look at things.
3) I have a slight fear of snakes, I can look at them in a cage, and even hold them if they are handed to me, but I fear comming across one in the wild. I am prepared for when it does happen, I know what to do and that is to get Chad between the snake and I.
4) I hated school until I went for my master(s) degrees. From grade school through college I was happy with just a passing grade, and they were not all passing. My first graduate degree I graduated with a 3.2 gpa and my MBA I graduated with a 3.8 gpa.
5) If I could go back to school, I probably would choose Law school.
6) I am the black sheep of the family.

So there you have it.

I am hereby tagging:1) Bob2) Chad3) Julie4) Lisa5) Pat and6) Poke


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job with the swimming. That sounds like a good plan.

Don't pack a lot of workout cloths for the cruise. Just wear the same smelly outfit every day...they like that on the cruise ship.

See you after work.

Marcy said...

I could see you as a lawyer ;-)

J~Mom said...

How could you be the black sheep of the family?