Time is flying by this year

Well, time is flying by and I have not posted a message here. Well, I have not posted since Thursday, so here are my running accomplishments:
Friday, I ended up leaving work early to go see my Chiropractor because I had a rib out of place and it was hurting. (Where the rib meets with the spine.) We were unsuccessful on resetting it, but we did get a lot of movement in my spine, etc. I went running later that evening with my son. We decided to run 1/2 mile then walk one minute, and after two miles, I started to get tunnel vision/blurry. I elected to stop and walk back home. 2.58 miles for Friday.
Saturday, I got up and both my boys wanted to go running with me, so I took them out for a four mile run, when we got back to the house I told my wife that I was going to go do another 8 to 10 miles for a total of 12 to 14 miles. I grabbed the mp3 player and a water bottle and continued on my journey. At around 10 miles, the water bottle was empty, so I figured I would stop into Leaps (Frozen Custard shop) that is about a half mile away and fill up the water bottle with WATER and not ice cream. I passed a lady pushing her son in a stroller, and about a minute later, I feel something on my foot. At first thought it was her with her stroller, so I turn around to look, and it is a BIG DOG. Boxer mix? The dog was looking for someone to play with, and I was parched and not in the mood to play with a stray dog. I finally made it into the store and got some water and was out to finish my last couple of miles. The dog continued to follow me. I did everything reasonable and humane to get it to quit following me. Finally at my 12 mile mark, I am getting frustrated at the animal and think of how to get rid of it. Some guy that was out running FAST or at least in comparison to me ran by and I asked him if the dog was his. He said no, but the dog started following him, so I ducked around the corner and into my house without the dog seeing me. For the 12 miles, I had an 11:24 average minute pace with an average heart rate of 165. That was my resting heart rate just last year. My back felt good during the run, but afterwards it started to hurt again. I think with the blood flow and energy it was blocked from my mind.
I took my wife out for a date that evening, ok it was only a movie but without kids and not a Disney movie, I was in heaven. We saw the untraceable, which we both liked. It is similar to a CSI, but the bad guy is showing his killings live on the web. There was more than one image that would make your skin crawl. I will say the special effects made it look so real. I will say that we would have passed on this movie, but the selection that is in theaters is pretty lousy.
On Sunday, I ran to the store and picked up some fruit and veggie trays. Oh yea Chad forced me to picking up the Chocolate Cheese Cake for us to snack on. I then brought the kids over to Chad and Julie's place to watch the big event on TV. Montréal Canadians Hockey, yea. Then we caught some little golf game that was happening down the street, but when that was over we then watched the amazing 18-1 season come to a screeching halt. All honesty, I am not a huge fan of either team, but after the past couple of weeks, I was hoping that NY would shove the football in everyone's mouth that was writing them off as loosing the game that was not even played yet. I felt they had nothing to loose by getting out there and bust their butt and beat NE. That turned out to be one of the best games I have seen in a long time.
On Monday, I went back to the chiropractor and was able to get everything to align, then gone in for an hour deep massage. I am feeling so much better today, with just a little ache in my back, but nothing that biofreeze can not fix. I am back to running today after a couple of days of rest.
As for the first week of the Walk Across Arizona, I ran 42.34 miles, plus what I had on the pedometer which I put on in the morning and only remove it to go running. So if I recall what I sent to Pat it was in the neighborhood of 53 miles or so. I did have two long runs in there, so that number will not stay up their for ever.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Thanks for the update, sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend! Glad your back/rib is better. I get that occasionally too. I thought they were crazy at first -- a RIB out of place?? -- but apparently it does happen. Nice mileage there -- you are setting a great example for the kids (and apparently the whole city) :D

Any interview links for us yet, Mr. Celebrity??

Marcy said...

Thanks for the update, Mr!! Wow, sounds like you had a lot of stuff going on. And thanks for the thumbs up on Untraceable. It looked interesting when I saw the previews ;-)

My Life & Running said...

Running skirt eh? Well I'll make sure to pass on my reviews to you so you can get the best one! ;)

We have signed up for the marathon and I think we plan to stay on base at North Island NAS if possible. We'll definitely have to have another "fest" on Saturday night!

Jess said...

The prize for the winner of the Feb mile-off is braggin rights, duh.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

...and anyone who thinks that I was the one who asked for the Chocolate Cheesecake, I have some ocean-front property in Iowa for you.

Get that back fixed, buddy. You have a marathon to run!

J~Mom said...

You are doing fantastic! Thanks for all of the updates!

Anonymous said...

Love the dog story - had a similar one once and it freaked me out. Glad you got rid of it.

Jeff said...

Wow, great week! Thought I was gonna be tops on the team with 32, but you blew me away. Nice job. I'm not worthy.

AnthonyP said...

Well done. Great update.