Can We say PR. . . I Can't Hear You. . . PR

Well, today I ran the 9 on the 9th. Tomorrow is my rest day and Sunday is my long run. So, I elected to do it a few hours early. The morning started off just beautiful, I walked down to the Tempe Town Lake, where the RNR AZ had its concert - for those of you that were here. On my walk down there 1/2 mile, I pondered how to run the 9 miles, what I mean is where am I running to. I decided to run for 4.5 in one direction and turn around and head back to the start. I was figuring that my average speed at the RNR 1/2 was 10:15 minute mile so if I could get it done in about 92 or so minutes I would be happy.

Here are the splits:
1 - 6:01:49
2 - 6:08:27
3 - 6:12:53
4 - 6:12:03
5 - 6:11:72
6 - 6:07:43
7 - 5:58:91
8 - 6:30:06
9 - 6:15:77
Total Time: 56:38:21

My legs were killing me after this and I had to go to the restroom so bad, each bush was looking very attractive. I did have a water bottle with me, but I was still dehydrated from the run. I think the most frustrating part of the run was that my iPod some how got stuck playing the same song over and over. I was concentrating on running to notice it till about the last 15 minutes. When I finished, I had to walk slowly and stretch my legs. I did receive my race shirt, and I was able to get a picture of it:

However when Marci, Vicki, Pieces of Me, and Laura N chase me all they are going to see is. . . . .

Oh wait. . . .

I just realized that the splits I gave you above are for Kilometers and not Miles, oh well here are the splits for the miles.

1 - 9:42.19
2 - 9:50.88
3 - 9:55.85
4 - 9:53.86
5 - 9:54.55
6 - 9:50.78
7 - 9:38.67
8 - 10:28.74
9 - 10:05.03
Total distance: 9 Miles
Total Time: 1:29:20.55
Average pace: 9:55

This is still a PR for me, and I committed to a 10:00 mile pace for the Ragnar Relay and it looks like I can do it.
One last note, in the past 12 months I have now dropped 50 lbs, 20 more to go by June 1, I hope.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice running, bad boy with tattoo's. You rocked that pace!!

Great job on all the progress too.

K80K said...

Very nice job on you run. You certainly kicked my butt, or will have come tomorrow when I do my 9 miles. Great job on the weightloss as well!

Becky said...

Great job on the run - wow, a very consistent pace for several of those miles! Love the pics - LOL! Impressive on the weight loss too!

ws said...

great run for 9 on the 9th.

I'll be sure to harass Jess at least a little about her monthly mileage, especially since she banned me from the contest. Chipotle is hardly an excuse...

have a good weekend.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO!! Sweet race report!! And awesome job Eric!! CONGRATS onthe PR!! WHOO HOOOO!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

you just scared me!!! still, great numbers. i didn't know you have that many tattoos!!??

Mary Gee said...

Your kilometers times startled me!

Jeff said...

Awesome run, Eric. (I was gonna say nice run, but "nice" was already taken.)

You got me on those km splits too. Was thinking I had to stop checking in with you -- I avoid anybody too fast.

BTW, I'm sure you're right about SD RnR being only a full -- I'll take the blame for getting it wrong -- there were 9 miles of running between introductions and my race report.

Shilingi-Moja said...

Sheesh. You had me going with your KM splits. Had to laugh at every bush was looking attractive -- been there, done that, just not while running.

Congrats on the PR. And a huge PONGEZI on the weight loss. Keep plugging away at that -- I've been there (lost 40 a few years back) and I don't want to return there. It's too hard to lose.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

NO NO NO NO NO Injuries allowed.

Hope you are feeling better. :D

Bob Gentile said...

Best part of this post is the Drop of 50 friggin pounds ..so awesome Bro, keep it going...Lean & mean !!

Jess said...

Nicely done!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome job on the PR and the weight loss. You are going to do great at Ragnar.

J~Mom said...

Eric you keep getting stronger and stronger! Niiiiceeee!

Michelle said...

You had me freaked out with your splits for a second. I was thinking "Damn, he pulled off six-minute miles for nine miles! Wow!!" LOL!

Great job on the run and the weight loss!

Pokey said...

You totally had me going as I started reading your post...I was thinking, holy crap, something must have been chasing that poor boy!!! :)

AWESOME run - at both paces!!! ;)