Great weekend and wrapping up the year

Earlier last week, I went in for my blood work, and Friday I got the results. Everything was outstanding. My cholesterol was down 100 points this month, and now in the really good range. The meds I have been on for cholesterol are no more, we will retest in a couple of months. The lab work indicated that the meds for weight loss, have not made any adverse effects on my body, except loosing 18 lbs in one month time frame, I weighed in this morning at 174.4 lbs and I feel a lot of that was due to dehydration. We will see what tomorrow holds in store for me.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to get in my last long run before the ATY race in 9 days. I went out at a normal casual pace of a 11 minute mile pace for the first three miles. I was really feeling good and started to let myself run and mile 4 turned into a 10:17 and mile 5 was 10:05 and mile 6 was 9:22. I got to thinking that this feels great and I might as well do the first 13.1 miles as I feel comfortable doing, since I am now about half way there. Here is how the first thirteen miles turned out:

  1. 11:00
  2. 11:01
  3. 10:56
  4. 10:17
  5. 10:05
  6. 9:22
  7. 9:17
  8. 9:27
  9. 9:20
  10. 9:15
  11. 9:52
  12. 9:38
  13. 9:43
    .57 seconds
    The total 1/2 marathon distance came out to 2:10, which is a PR for me. I then walked 1/2 mile and then continued the remainder 3 miles at a 14 minute jog pace.

I only took some water and by the time I was done, I had some stomach pain and it would not settle for a couple of hours. I completely depleted my body of all stored energy and I was truely wishing that I had some of that Gu that was sitting on my dresser. It was far from my intentions to go "All out", but I was feeling really good and enjoying the outside.

I am now in the taper mode for the ATY - 24 hour run.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

We will make sure that you have a better fueling strategy at ATY, that's for sure. ;-)

Pat said...

Good luck at ATY. I can't wait to hear about it.

David said...

Awesome job! Keep up the progress and you'll be destroying all your PRs in '09.

Jeff said...

Nice PR. Negative splits and all.

Looks like you're all set for ATY.

J~Mom said...

Sounds great! You will do great at ATY!!

Wes said...

Very nice, (soon to be Ultra) Eric :-) It's great news that your body is responding to all of this hard work you have been putting in!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Mendy said...

Very nice job on that run. You just kept getting faster and faster!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your PR and happy holidays to you and your family.