The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good news is that I have been on adipex for 31 days and the results show:

I have dropped 20 lbs in 31 days, (and a grand total of 65lbs for the past 21 months) however as you can see from the chart above the weight loss is starting to taper off. I will probably take the medicine for another 10 days, since that is how many pills I still have. My goal is to get to 165lbs and from there start building muscle, get more endurance, and continue to eat healthy. I would really like to not focus this next year on weight loss and on improving on what I got. For the past couple of weeks, Lori, Ben, and I have started lifting weights at the gym after our runs. For me the run is to go 1.5 miles from my house to the gym and then 3.5 on the treadmill. They show up shortly after I do and they run for 25 or so minutes. The weight lifting program has us doing 3 sets of 15 reps each, so the weight is not too high, but by the 15th rep we are suppose to be expended. Last night we did our routine, and we did bench press, incline bench press, cross overs, pull downs, dips, and crunches. They all felt great and we were all able to bump up our weights. The program we are on is a 12 week transformation program, and it seems to be doing well for us.

Now for the bad news, sometime during my workout, I hurt my foot. The pain is on the top of my right foot, around where the tongue of the shoe would be. I am limping and massaging it now, and if it continues to hurt through the weekend, I will schedule an appt to have it looked at. The good part about this, is if I do not move it, it does not hurt.

The ugly part is that that I have 19 days till I race the Across the Years, and I plan on being on that foot for 24 hours.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Your weightloss better taper off at some point. Otherwise you will suck yourself down into a singularity and destroy the entire planet...

...can you tell I was watching Discovery Channel last night? ;-)

Take care of that foot. You are inside the window of just doing easy maintenance runs before ATY. More important to toe that start line completely healthy.

Gotta Run said...

Now that is something to be proud of!! I have always said and still feel that weight loss is FAR HARDER than training for an event. Food is such a wonderful thing and the power you have to have over your mind to reach your goals is a big thing! Be very proud of yourself...we are!!


Suckage about the foot pain. Be careful.

Bob from BlogMYruns.com said...

LOLOLOL ahhhh just watched the doghouse commercial!!!

Good job on the weight loss Eric and don't worry about the foot it will be fine for your 24 hour race.

You might have to wait for it to go numb but it will be fine OK :-)

So KEEP MOVING Eric you will do awesome, Keep that Focused & no negative thoughts!! It's almost gametime GO and HAVE FUN!! and we will be typing you Email notes to read that day!

Mary Gee said...

20 lbs. in 30 days? Wow.

Pokey said...

So what is adipex?

Are there drugs involved that I wasnt notified of??

Can you send some my way??


TimC said...

I also lost nearly 25 pounds in 1 month with adipex. I was not sure on how it would do when I came off of it so I kept to the plan of eating 6 small meals a day and still losing weight with no pills. It help me to jump start my weight loss agaian. Keep up the good work and remember to eat those healthy snacks all day.

Jeff said...

Those are some incredible results, Eric. Hope by now the foot pain is just a memory.