Missoun Accomplished

I can not think of a better way to put it, than the famous phrase of George W. Bush, "Mission Accomplished" aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. The international phenomena occurred this past evening and in celebration, even the British ship showed its gratitude to me.

Then to top it off, this story must have rocked through the New Zealand media, because 300 people came out to the Wellington castle to show their support for me.
Yes, it is true. You probably read all about it in this morning paper. Last night I completed my 80th mile for the month of January, 2008 and with two days to spare. I set the goal for January back at the end of last month, and I was able to find it in me to accomplish it.
I did have a running buddy with me for the final 4 miles, and that is my American Eskimo dog. She insisted on making 3 or 4 business stops during the 4 mile run, which was acceptable. She pulled me along the first mile then mile two and three we ran parallel to each other. The final mile, she needed some coaching to keep going, like "We are almost home". I will have to take her on more runs, every couple of days. She loves to chase cats, deer, elk, etc. so I need to keep her on a leash. The leash we have is only 4 feet long, which only gives her 1.3 seconds to sniff where another dog was, before getting yanked along. Maybe I need to get her a longer leash, but that may cause her to run on the wrong side of a lamp post or street sign, causing me to have to make a quick detour around it. Lets see if she still wants to go running in a few days before I get her a new leash.
In other news: Yesterday I had to give my speech on my weight loss and running success that I gave last week, however this time it is for TV. I knew they wanted me to give the presentation again for about 40 individuals, but when I got there they asked if I mind that they film it for TV. Well what do you say? It will be showing on the local cable channel for the entire City of Tempe, AZ. When it does get on their web site, I will put a link for all of you to watch and LAUGH at.
Walk across AZ update:
Day 1 - Run 14 miles Walk 1.5 miles
Day 2 - Run 2 miles Walk 2.5 miles
Day 3 - Run 4 miles Walked 3 miles


Wes said...

Congrats on hitting 80 miles, homie! I remember like yesterday when I went over 100 miles in a month for the first time. It's aweome :-) Really!!

You are becoming a celebrity! Woo hoo! Remember us little people :-)

Lori said...

I love the pics you found! That is just awesome :) Way to go on hitting your goal...how many you going to tackle for February???

Mary Gee said...

Congrats! Last year in Jan. I ran 90 miles. It was my highest mileage ever. This year I will be happy with a little over 40.

Where are you staying in San Diego?

J~Mom said...

80 miles in one months is sweet!! Great job!!

Pokey said...

Dang it - I was just thrilled to have my first 50+ mile month ever!!! 80 miles is FANTASTIC!

Jess said...

Nice job on the 80!

Tim Wilson said...

Excellent job on the 80 - I got a crack out of this post. Wow, you have friends in high places! :)

I had to go check my totals because I haven't been paying that much attention to the month total. I got 76.6! Now, if my ankle holds out I will get past 80 tomorrow as well!

Keep it up!

Marcy said...

WHOOOOO HOOOO!!! Mr celebrity!! I can't wait to see that link!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations on doing 80 miles in one month! And for getting the Royal Navy and a bunch of people in Australia to help you celebrate ;-)
So cool that you are sharing your success story with others, too. And on TV! Woo-hoo!

Nancy said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a CELEBRITY in our midst. Congrats. I can't wait to see you in action.

K80K said...

Congrats on the 80 miles! I am not even sure if I have ever had an 80 mile month.

Can't wait to see the video clip!

Gotta Run..... said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great numbers to start 2008!! Looks like you have some trail events coming up. That is my true love... trail running. It keeps your mind busy and you can't beat nature!!

Keep it up this year. I bet you will continue to drop some pounds with all of those miles. Keep sharing your story and inspiring all that you can. it makes a difference.

Tiggs said...